Last night at midnight the Casa Fiesta crew successfully snuck into Arizona Stadium, heaved (extra heaving for Mike and Zack required) one another on top of the goal post, and planked. Now that’s good clean adrenaline pumping fun!

From left to right: Mike, Patrick, Zack

*Sniff* (Pause) Do I smell ‘Fierce’?
Gotta smell good when I’m tellin’ kids about Jesus.

I just vacuumed up a pile of what were clearly your toenails.

You interrupted my Katy Perry Pandora. This better be good.

New boy toys

And I’m sure I’m using that term correctly.

Whether they’ve just shown up, or we’ve gone out and wasted money on them, there’s a bunch of useless (aka AWESOME) crap lying around our house.

A few notables: a wrist rocket, a WAKA regulation-sized ball; those flimsy Little League practice bases; EggMallow Treats (primarily used as wrist rocket ammo. no, seriously. they are everywhere but in the bag they came in.)

While no windows have been broken (yet), there is a BB-sized hole in Cardboard Cutout Jeff Gordon’s head and Patrick is still “out” after Zack railed him with the WAKA ball during an impromptu dodgeball game last night. Stop whining about it already Patrick.

"YOU’RE JUST MAD ‘CAUSE YOU’RE OUT. (HIGH FIVE)" Hysterical laughter.

We’ll update when one of us lands in urgent care.

"Honestly, it would be hard to live in the same room as me and not turn gay." - Andy Coley

Yeah, we're viral.

Our infamous newspaper prank made it to Failblog. That’s how we do it in the lou’.

Google wants us.

In a desperate attempt to make it on Google Maps, we almost rear-ended a city bus.

But at least we weren’t frantically waving our hands out the window, or yelling “GOOOOOOOGGGLLLLEEE CARRRRR!!!!!”

That would be SO totally lame.

not like it’s 2:30 in the morning or anything

I spent nearly half an hour last night (this morning, rather) trying to find my phone.

Well, I found it. It was in the kitchen.

Wrapped in Saran wrap.

In a jar of JIF.

I can really appreciate the attention to detail.